Damn, I don’t know if any of you had the opportunity to play this 90’s cyberpunk masterpiece as a kid, but for those who did, you’ll know that it gave you about 60 hours (for Sega Genesis version) worth of bliss, then fell off the face of the earth like VanDamme’s career.

Well guess what???

That’s right!  with $1,895,772 in the bank, Harbrained games has teamed up with Catalyst games and Cliffhanger games in order to rise from the ashes with it’s new Shadowrun franchise.  In fact, they still need your help in order to redeem themselves from the rather troubling 1st person shooter (2007) and make a solid entrance with it’s original storyline and format.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s worth the support.  For those who agree, you can join me at www.shadowrun.com  and join in on the discussion.

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