I want to thank everyone for continuing your support of Reclamation as it moves forward. I just saw Resident Evil: Retribution last night, and it only further justified why we need to give the zombies a rest (unless it’s Zombieland 2 or World War Z).

I’m done with the lazy storytelling, and want to get back to when it was magical. 

Lets get away from the cheap jump-cutting fight sequences, and 
show the true science of martial arts.

Lets get away from the riddles of bullets, and open the door to new creative Sci-Fi elements.

Away from the inefficient hordes of enemy gunmen that somehow have the worst aim ever (with a SMG)….meanwhile the heros have impeccable aim (with just a handgun).

Away from the hopeless reliance on flashy visuals and heart-pumping music to force emotion into people.


Let’s get back to the time when directors created their own worlds, own creatures, and mind-bending plots (Aliens, Star Wars, Gremlins, Tron, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc…)

Back to when it was about telling a story and not about what will generate box office hits.

Reclamation is going to blow this whole thing wide open…

Just you wait.

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