Just got the latest photos for our elite demon character, Mulciber, and I must say that it always leaves me wanting more.  A very addictive process, creating a mythical character and watching it slowly come to life.  It’s a great feeling, to contribute with something like this.  Now only if we can get a buyer.

Okay so, the script is being reviewed as we speak, so I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that the production companies will see the value of this project.  I understand that being a vanguard is risky, but if it was easy everyone would do it.   Let’s not pretend that THIS is not where the Sci-fi, Action genre needs to go.

I saw a movie on Netflix called “Vampire Dog”.  It’s about a vampire Jack Russell Terrier.  I think I’ll just stop right there, as I think this proves how exhausted the vampire genre really is right now, yet it keeps popping up.  Now we have “Vamps”, another Dracula movie in the making, Underworld in it’s final stretch, and God knows what else.

My biggest gripe about the vampire Action genre, is that the audience already knows 40% of the movie just in hearing the word “vampire”.  We know they need blood, they can’t go out in the day, wooden or silver stake to the heart,  yadda yadda yadda.   Not to mention that all the movies that revitalized the vampire genre were done 12 or so years ago (Blade, Underworld).  We’ve had 10+ years of pure vampire mania,  yet we get surprised when movies like “Priest” gets bad reviews.  Twilight no exception.  Even though it was still able to capitalize on it’s book following, the movies lacked substance.

 People take what they can get, because they love movies that much.  For the moment there are the book/comic-to-film adaptations, but as original fans get pissed off (at the movie massacre of the book), and everyone saw their Marvel/DC characters on screen, eventually that well will run dry, and they won’t be able to sustain the market with a 5th remake of Spiderman.

New creatures to explore; new strengths, weaknesses; but most of all….new history.  Something that can be savored for the next 34 years, like Alien (today being it’s 34 year anniversary).  We just had “Prometheus” and pretty soon Alien 6.  What then?????

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