One thing I have to say about your typical “THIS vs. THAT” action sci-fi genres, is that it already has an established market.  People pay good money to see just a good ole action movie.  Everything from Underworld, Blade, to Expendables all fit into this category.  What ultimately decides if a movie will be well received (or not) has to do with the types of elements you put into it.  
As I said in my last post, with your typical vampire movie, the audience already walks in with 40% of the knowledge already, so you have to present something that will allow the audience to explore, use their imagination, and follow the story long after the movie is over.  How you do that depends on your ability to pull from your wacky mind and put together a world of curiosity.  The Matrix put a man in a computer grid, so did Tron: Legacy; one did better than the other, but both were rather enjoyable, and both allowed the audience to follow the story long after it was over.
In today’s age, originality is more about the recipe, rather than the ingredients.  A lot of our predecessors have laid down the proper ingredients, but now it’s time to explore all the wonders of what you can do with them.  Some people may like their movie souffléd, or sauteed or with a pinch of paprika.  Others, well, just plain old salt, pepper, with a splash of lemon.  The question becomes, what will stick to the ribs?
I believe Reclamation will not only open the world of nightmare creatures, but it will give us a history to explore, as well as an art form.  Each creature harbors a unique background, carrying with it a uniques set of strengths and weaknesses.  In the overall demon hierarchy, vampires and werewolves rank pretty low.  A poltergeist is nothing compared to other supernatural things that exist.  With all this at or fingertips:
Where do we start?  
What are our limits?  
How deep does it go?

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