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The implosion is correct, although I would quicker say bankrupt, because nobody is paying $150 a ticket when they can download.  The indiefilms will save Hollywood, just like Blackploitations did in the 70’s (it’s true).  With all the people turned down by production companies, they are just rounding up their friends, and doing it anyway.

The #1 reason Hollywood is in trouble is because they are disconnected from the people, and are flat out scared to collaborate with new writers who can deliver fresh ideas, but may need a little help with structure.  Help them to bring it out, don’t shut the door on them.   The movies they select out of the pile only follow worn-out trends. I don’t want to see any more vampires for 10 years.

And what in the world did they do to the zombies in World War Z?  This had better be good.

Rather than revitalizing that relationship they’d rather suck on the book-to-movie tit, who already has a following.  Problem with that is, “books are geared for reading and imagining”.   When will that well run dry?  When will the true fans of the franchise get tired of their books being massacred by film?  Also, what does that say about the movie industry, when they can’t produce their own stories from within?  We’re now on Alien 6, Terminator 5,  Indiana Jones 5, Underworld 5, Fast and Furious 6

As a writer, I’m now told that I need to write a graphic novel, or comic book, or short animation and build a fan base before they’ll look at me.  I’m 100% sure my story will light you up, but they are scared of it.  And guess what, there is a long line of artist that have great stories.  So the problem isn’t the lack of material, the problem is their inability to filter that material and bring it in.

With Fox Searchlight getting sued, you can bet they are tightening up even more on any mentoring possibilities.  Internships dropped by 400.  Most industry pros started off as interns, fetching cables, light bulbs etc.

That’s what our movie legends did.

But, they DO have to get a handle on these films being leaked to other countries with few pirating laws.  Ironic because, Americans are broke (and deeply critical on movies), so they deeply rely on foreign market to boost sales, but those markets can totally steal and share with little repercussion.  I almost feel like it’s sabotage, the ease that they are able to do it.

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