Have you ever had a moment where the things you imagined turned out exactly how you expected?  I mean damn, this was a great shoot…cold as hell, but a great shoot.  I had a little trouble finding a location, but we ended up going with Third and Stewart Parking, in Downtown Seattle, which turned out to be a great location.

First off, working with Antjuan DeCarlos was a great experience.  Very professional, knew his stuff, and most importantly, there was no ego.  He was very open to my suggestions and visions.   We rummaged through that little playground and had some fun.
His support team was great as well.  Rhoscoe Coquia, his right hand, was great to see in action.   I kid you not, this dude had EVERYTHING in the back of his SUV.  Everything from a ski mask to heat pad, dude was phenomenal.
Make-up Artist, Meagan Moore did great work and was a great person to learn from.  She gave me a lot of pointers on contours, and poses, and was very fun.
And lastly, Stacey, was fantastic.  She was a little nervous leading up to the shoot, but was exactly what I imagined.   When I met her at SpoCon 2014, I knew she would work, and I was so right.
Great job everyone.

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