The Broken Thumbs

Kept you waiting, huh (Metal Gear Solid reference)?  Well, I apologize for that.  I want to make sure that when I post something, it's worth it.On Thursday, I attended the music video screening of a local band called The Broken Thumbs.  I'm sure many of us have heard at least one band and said to … Continue reading The Broken Thumbs

The Reclamation Photoshoot was a success

Have you ever had a moment where the things you imagined turned out exactly how you expected?  I mean damn, this was a great shoot...cold as hell, but a great shoot.  I had a little trouble finding a location, but we ended up going with Third and Stewart Parking, in Downtown Seattle, which turned out … Continue reading The Reclamation Photoshoot was a success

Weapons Props

Great work on this project Brian Johnson for creating the props for Layna. They look crazy cool.  Highly recommended for those who are interested in getting some custom props done.     See how Brian explains the project here: