“Which is the true nightmare, the horrific dream that you have in your sleep or the dissatisfied reality that awaits you when you awake?”

― Justin Alcala

The goal of Lucid is to dive further into the dream world and explore a variety of concepts.  Referencing Carl Jung’s work, Sigmund Freud, and much of the current biotech research being done, I think it will provide very fascinating concept.  With film references such as Dreamscape (1984), Total Recall (1990), The Matrix (1999), and Inception (2010), I think this story will offer an interesting twist to an already primed audience. 


A lucid dreamer tries to reconnect with his deceased parents by volunteering at a Japanese neuro-tech facility, only to discover a dark spirit hidden deep within the interactive mainframe.


We’ve all had moments in life where we’ve felt most alive, almost like a dream; but what if you were one who felt most alive in a dream?  Scott Carvil isn’t just your typical college sophomore.  He’s quite the skillful lucid dreamer.  So much so, that he can interact and bend his dream reality to his will.  Upon loosing his family in a car accident, Scott tries to cope by living an inverted life in which he routinely sedates himself, in order to reconnect with them in his dreams.

With the help of his eccentric friend, Krista, he learns of Genetic Telecommunication Research Institute (GTRI), a Japanese neuro-tech facility that conducts brainwave research.  They’re piloting a vast interactive dream simulation, referred to as the Node.  Thrilled by the concept, Scott travels to Japan, in hopes of working with the research facility. 

GTRI is having their annual open house.   Excited for this, Scott attends the event in hopes of infiltrating the facility.  In his effort, Scott is caught and confronted by Dr. Hinata Takashi, head scientist at GTRI.  Rather than arresting Scott, Dr. Takashi gives him a chance to state his business.  Intrigued by Scott’s skill, Dr. Takashi invites him to see the inner workings of GTRI, and introduces him to the Node.  He’s sees the community of volunteers who have traveled far and wide to contribute to the Node.  However, even good things aren’t without their share of problems.  Not all memory is good memory, and volunteers have become famished and addicted to the Node.

Through Dr. Takashi, Scott discovers the truth of the plagued facility, and becomes enthralled into a world of undeniable horror.    A strange entity lurks throughout the Node, and is killing the volunteers.  Dr. Takashi beckons his most trusted barons to enter the Node, and counteract the threat.  Scott is granted an opportunity to join the elite group, and together they must find a way to escape the Node, and expose the facility.