After the mysterious death of his father, a man joins a supernatural defense force that protects humans from a relentless demon horde.

Genre:  Action, Horror
Pitch:  Underworld meets Constantine


Cork, Ireland, 1411. The legendary Napir clan defends their stronghold from the Dark Order, a vicious demon legion. Stuck in their old ways of combat, the clan is slaughtered by the demonic arts. Meandering throughout the ages, the Napir clan gathers their strength, vowing one day seek vengeance against the vile horde.

Present day. Ray is the pragmatic accountant, and the son of a local television pastor.  Trapped in his fathers’ shadow, he desperately tries to find his niche in the world.  When Ray learns that his father has been mysteriously killed, he decides to uncover the mystery of his death. However, when encountered by a member from the much-evolved Napir clan, Ray is enthralled into the ancient battle between two forces. Caught between two worlds, Ray must uncover the mystery behind his family bloodline, and rise up against the oncoming onslaught of the Dark order.