I meant to surprise you all with some crazy pics from the photoshoot that we had planned, but I ended up postponing it due to budgetary reason.  I hope to launch it sometime in December, but that all depends on everyone’s schedules.  What I can let you in on is that I am really eyeing this location:

Firehouse Alleyway, Seattle WA

Seattle still has some “cultural” areas, making for some nice environments to shoot in.  The ideal location was Harbor Island, but certain sectors had security clearances, making it nearly impossible to rent a space.

For anyone looking to shoot anywhere around the Port of Seattle, they do have locations that they rent out to photographers/filmmakers.  You can always look on their film page for that information.

Washington Films Works is also a great resource.  They’re are a non-profit organization, dedicated to finding great filming location, as well as advocating for more filming projects to stay/come to Seattle.  They do fantastic work around the film incentive programs.

More to come….Stay tuned…

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